I lost Mama to cancer!

Mama battled cancer for the last 4 years of her life. It was so funny how she just went for a full medical check up and was given a clean bill of health. The doctor even said that if she were to ever get cancer, it’d be when she’s 80. Whatdayaknow, a month later she was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2. No symptoms; just a quick look in the mirror when she noticed her left breast was sagging more than the right. I laughed when she complained. I said “Ma…you’re getting old, of course it’s gonna sag.” After the doctor confirmed her biopsy, I wasn’t laughing anymore.

She fought hard. Went to the best, most rigorous treatment technology could offer. After the mesactomy, Papa spared no expense to go for the highly saught after oncologist and chemo and radiotherapy treatment. We even tried a very costly cyberknife treatment. While all these was going on, Mama also read up on Breuss juicing methods. She drank a lot of fruit and vegetable juices to keep up her anti oxidant level. She began eating organic food, steaming rather than frying her meals. All these helped a bit…but the cancer had spread so fast to her lungs and eventually to her bones; she finally succumbed in 2008.

Redha. That’s the word we so lightly use when faced with death. It means you accept wholeheartedly with the decision that Allah has made. One can only redha once we have completely exhausted all avenues of ikhtiar or effort. When we lost Mama, that was the case. We know in our hearts of hearts, both she and everyone around her have exhausted all options plausible, be it scientifically, traditionally and spiritually. There was nothing left to do except doa / pray that Allah gives his blessings on our efforts to heal Mama once and for all or if this was not what HE willed, then to take her in the most kindest way. There’s several moral of the story here…

Never take your health and well being for granted.
Start being conscious of what you consume and how it is being prepared.
You only live once. Better live it right.

You never know what live has to hand out.
Take it with grace and say thank you for all the good times.
For the bad ones, you say thanks for the experience.

We do anything for Love
Family means everything and we do all that we can for them without regret.
We give them the best of everything with the satisfaction of knowing we have tried.

To ensure that you get the best treatment, you need to buy protection.
To ensure that you have quality of life, you need to eat right before the deases eats you.

Share some of your experiences in either battling cancer or even as a care giver.
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