What do you give a girl who already has one too many lipsticks or handbags for her birthday? You give her something she doesn’t have yet… EXPERIENCE!!!

Whilst it nice to own a multitude of lipcolours from the 80’s to present, sometimes it’s nice to DO something for your birthday rather than get something material. Don’t get me wrong… I looovvveeeee presents. Absolutely love presents. But I love surprises even more!

Last year the love of my life granted me a piloting experience. I flew a Cessna y’all! I did the taxing, take-off and almost did the landing of a proper human plane… Which worriedly did not have parachutes! Surprise! Haha… Good thing the windows were easy to open, just in case. Actually shouldn’t I be more worried? Surprise!

So this years’ birthday, I was also on a plane. This time it’s Emirates y’all! Big-ass 777 to Budapest via Dubai. Silently thinking to myself.. Boy, this is soooo much better than AirAsia! No punts intended Tony! I didn’t pilot it of course but I was given the royal treatment. We all at Topleaderscircle got a special shout out from the cool-sounding pilot congratulating us on our achievements and wishing us more successes in future (Amin). The food seems tIMG_7633o be endless on the plane. I felt almost guilty sleeping all the time. (More on that in my next blog!)

In Dubai, the love of my life decided he would treat me to an organic french pattiserie, knowing how much I love all-things-french… Even the men! We dined almost romantically at Le Pain Quotidien before being teased by the rest of the TLC troops! Mind you this meal was absolutely free. Lucky for him, we all got a fat meal voucher here. Nevertheless, the food was almost as good as if I were in Paris but the company was priceless!

The celebration didn’t end there. Upon arriving in Budapest, we toured for a bit (more details in my next blog, I promise); we had an interesting dinner at… Wait-for-it… “Mayvanymenyyasszony” where we had a famous Hungarian goulash. For desserts, I was pleasantly surprised by a group of nice old gentlemen serenading ‘happy birthday’ to me. Thanks to TLC for that lovely surprise but now everyone knows my age! Dang!

After dinner, my Sayang and I walked the streets of Buda… Or was it Pest? I can’t remember which side we’re on. But of course that’s after checking with our tour guide if it was safe and that we won’t get mugged or anything! Trust the love of my life to be so protective of me. Ahhhh… Feel so loved! Actually he was more worried about the camera in my bag which he got for me years ago! Oh well… One of us is loved!

To all my family and friends, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely wishes. I am sending the same Doa and wishes to you guys too! #feelinglovedandblessed