Who like flabby tummy? Eeeee…. not me!

Inevitably this will happen after you have successfully delivered your beautiful baby into this world. While you are on cloud nine looking at your bundle of joy… your physical appearance looks like its been thru hell and back. At least for me.

I am all for ‘berpantang’ and going through the entire 44 days of confinement. BUT I am also very practical and I like to make sense of things. For example, with food intake, while our ancestors used to take hot rice and just anchovies as a meal to quickly lose the baby weight; I for one believe in eating healthy but small portions. My diet will consist of hot rice, protein from grilled cod seared with lots of ginger & a scoop of steamed vegetables as my source of fibre. I also take in a lot of warm water, ginger tea or jamu and warm milk to increase my breastmilk and keep hydrated; which is contrary to popular belief of drinking less to let the wound heal faster.

Same with the notion of losing the baby fat and tummy flabs. Seeing that it is so hard to get a good ‘bidan’ or confinement ladies to look after you these days. I have resorted to a much more effective way of taking care of my body. I personally use the Premium Beautiful corset just days after my baby was born. I simply could not stand wrapping myself in 6 long meters of cotton wrap only to have it undone at the first sight of a toilet break. I do believe that the wrap or ‘bengkung’ is good in its own way but what if there was something better?

The Premium Beautiful corset did wonders for me. As a first time user, I found it so easy to put on myself. For one, I did not need to spin myself… hahaha. More importantly it covered not just my tummy area but it started pushing all the fats from my out-of-shape thighs… right up to the access fats on my back pushing it to my breast area. I instantaneously felt secured! It gave me to confidence to walk without holding my tummy.

So many people complimented on how radiant I looked during my confinement period. I think its because the Far Infra Red technology built into the Premium Beautiful corset helps with improving blood circulation.

My Gynae was even impressed at my recovery process. In just 2 weeks my womb was ‘up and running’ as shown in her scan. She said my womb was already nicely in its place; which normally takes about one to two months after delivery to recover fully. She asked what I did during this period… I simply smiled and showed her my undergarment… Funny enough she didn’t seem surprised at all. Perhaps she knows too? hehehee….

Share your confinement tips and tricks with me and spread the joy of motherhood.

Email me at lynnshukor@gmail.com or Whatsapp your fabulous pictures during confinement. I’m still looking for mine! Will update.