I miss going out on a date!    Let’s face it, when you’ve got office deadlines, household chores and kids in tow, who has time for a date night? You’ll be lucky to have a quite dinner in front of the tv because the kids went to bed early that day. As much as we are tired to do all these obligations, we must never forget that we are first man and woman who need a bit of ‘us’ time too. Sometimes we are so busy playing the role of a mother and household manager, we take for granted our role as a wife and companion to our husband. Sure it’s easy to find excuses not to make the effort, after all most husbands come home, put their feet up and watch tv waiting for dinner to be served. While we on the other hand, put our handbags down, put on our aprons and at the same time listen to our kids telling us how their day went.   Let’s not start putting our lipstick on only when our husband starts looking elsewhere. Once he’s distracted it’s an uphill task. Lure him, tease him, treat him like he’s king but most of all show him that he’s still a man. Boost his ego! Yes, I know some of you are rolling your eyes already. But ladies, isn’t he the man who once bought you flowers, seranade a song or two and even (then) bought you expensive gifts? So it’s worthwhile to rekindle that romance even if it’s just for one night, right?    So what are you waiting for? Strap on those heels ladies!  

Step 1

  • Greet him with a smile followed by a soft peck on the cheeks and another one the neck. Tell him it’s been ages since you’ve gone to your favourite restaurant… Or mamak stall. Suggest (don’t instruct, men hate to be told what to do…they have their mothers to do that) one day of the week that you know is convenient for both of you. 

Step 2

  • For the days leading to the date, tell him how excited you are. Reminisce the last time you guys did this sort of thing. Send him an SMS saying you can’t wait for the day. Please don’t include in that SMS your grocery list or what the kids did. 

  Step 3

  • The date! Wear something nice or new or throwback blast from the past outfit. Anything that makes you feel confident and that doesn’t say ‘I’m just a mom who hasn’t waxed in ages’. Then complement him on his attire even if he forgets to take a second look at you. Make sure you spray some nice perfume that makes him wanna sniff you even more. 

  Step 4

  • The minute you guys step out of the house, no more talking about the kids or that the house roof is leaking! Take a moment to conjure topics from the past, and touch personal issues like looking at him and saying ‘ you haven’t changed one bit since the day I started going out with you’. It may be awkward and seemingly choreographed but lets face it we all need a little ‘help’ to turn on the magic again! 

After that, the floor is yours!  


Note: Ladies, having a good night out doesn’t always have to be fine dining ya. You can have a blast going bowling if that’s what you both used to do.